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Contact us directly through sales@madchips.eu or by using the following contact form.
For quicker and beter information, kindly note to us the following car's specifications:
1) Manufacturer, i.e. Citroen.
2) Name, Type & Year, i.e. C1 (PM, PN), 2005-2014.
3) Engine's volume, Type & HorsPower or KilloWatt, i.e. 1.4HDi 55 (54HP/40KW)

If you want to be infored of whether the Ultimate Connect and RaceChip XLR are supported by your car and smartphone, kindly note to us the following specifications of your smartphone:
1) Manufacturer: i.e. Samsung
2) Name/Type: i.e. S6
3) Version of OS: i.e. Android 6.0.1