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Best Practices for a  Successful GroupBuy

Are you new on a GroupBuy organizing? We are here to help! 

A group-buy among friends consists of the following steps:

  1. Inform your friends of the savings opportunity from a mass order and encourage members to choose the right product for their needs from the manufacturer's search page,
  2. Make a  list of all chosen products from your friends and contact us to confirm availability.
  3. Collect all the needed amount for the total items to be bought, and place the order,
  4. Get ready to receive the package of all items and distribute them among your friends,
  5. Sent us a photo or, even better, a video of your team's happy faces! :)

For problems-free transactions kindly consider the following:

  • Group-Buys are for people who already know and are convinced by 100% for the product they are looking for and therefore are hesitating-free to participate in such a procedure. Thus, we recommend to avoid trying hard to convince people for participating in your efforts to save money, as most propably the hesitated ones may cause you a headache in the process.
  • If there are product installation concerns in your team, our Installation Services are here to help you!
  • Encourage and help your team to make the correct choice of product as returns for wrong ordered items are not supported. Remember: Group-Buys are for people who know 100% of what they want! Please use the manufacturer's search page for the most accurate and updated results.
  • After building the list of items to be orderd, it's best to re-check each chosen product per member, one by one, to avoid any future unhappy feelings from wrongly placed orders.
  • In any case, it's best to answer all concerns and questions PRIOR ordering. We are here to cover all you questions! Contact us